$RFR Token

With the recent exchange additions, more customers than ever have access to buy Refereum tokens.
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    $0.0019596852 USD

    0.0000218441 ETH
  • Market Cap

    $4 774 962 USD

    53 225 ETH
  • Volume (24h)

    $507 386 USD

    5 656 ETH

$RFR Overview

Refereum is solving the trillion dollar problem in affiliate and referral marketing. The RFR token provides any individual the value they deserve, with on-chain attribution. The RFR token also fuels our products, from Refereum.com game purchases and marketing, Growth Engine success, Twitch Extension usage and our Telegram Trivia bot.

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$RFR Overview

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Our Growing Community

We live in our social channels, listening to the community at every step. Come join the conversation.


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Growing community

Refereum hit the maximum Telegram room size 3 times, and kept asking for more. We have some space now, so come chat with us!

Meet the Team

We have some of the best engineering, product, and industry experts solving big problems in building communities and effective marketing. Want to be part of the solution? Come join us in San Francisco!

With experience from

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitch
  • Expedia
  • Atlassian
  • Wikipedia
  • Unity
  • Blizzard
  • Playstation
  • YouTube

Refereum Roadmap

We are dedicated to being as transparent as possible about the future of Refereum. See where we're heading and the goals we've already achieved. Read our original White Paper here too.

Jan , 2018

Foundation Overview

  • Incorporate company
  • Buy games with $RFR on the blockchain
  • Hire core dream team
  • Work with the top game on Twitch using $RFR
  • Systemically reward community with $RFR

Mar , 2018

Token Sale

  • Present and future legal compliance
  • White Paper community review + release
  • Oleksii Matiiasevych smart contract creation + audit
  • Industry expert advisors joined
  • Max out Telegram (3 times)
  • Complete private token sale of $RFR



  • Hire additional top talent
  • Expand San Francisco office
  • Telegram bot to reward $RFR on-chain released
  • Build Hype Week system (Fortnite)
  • Growth Engine alpha released (fueled by $RFR)
  • 500,000 users
  • Website iteration to engage new customers
  • Beta Quest system (fueled with $RFR)
  • Beta Twitch Extension (fueled with $RFR)
  • Growth Engine beta released (fueled with $RFR)
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  • Growth Engine for token exchanges release
  • Growth Engine for games release
  • Quest system full release
  • Twitch Extension full release
  • API integration release
  • Buy $RFR on Refereum.com
  • 1,000,000 users


  • Game discoverability to drive $RFR purchases
  • Mainstream game industry adoption of $RFR
  • Reach 5,000,000 users
  • Game recommendation system
  • Full on-chain $RFR e-commerce (c-commerce)

$RFR Blockchain

  • Release testnet
  • Refereum client + node
  • Release mainnet
  • $RFR ERC-20 to mainnet token swap
  • Distributed game storage and distribution
  • Affiliate marketing (and last action) on chain


Buy $RFR

Participate in our ecosystem. $RFR Tokens facilitate the exchange of digital goods and in-game content for cryptocurrency using smart contracts and the built-in security of Ethereum blockchain technology to generate $RFR transactions. View how we use our funds here.

Top Enterprise Customers

  • DHVC
  • Kenetic
  • DraperDragon
  • Hashed
  • Iconic

Help Us Fight for the Blockchain

Refereum CEO lobbies Wyoming to pass Utility Token Bills

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