Stream. Quest. Earn.

Play games, get fans, stream quests, and make money.

Who are we?

Powered by a team of veteran game-industry experts and blockchain specialists, Refereum helps developers and publishers reward players and influencers for playing the games they love.

Who are you?


  • Grow

    Boost your influence

    Promote your stream on our channels and attract more viewers.

  • Make money

    Make more money

    Earn points from game developers while you stream, no matter what size your channel is.

  • Reward

    Reward your followers

    Build loyalty by rewarding your followers for completing quests.

Promote your stream




  • Compete

    Win prizes for playing games

    Complete quests, pass checkpoints, and defeat your enemies to earn real-world rewards.

  • Get rewarded

    Get paid to watch your favorite streamers

    Earn more points just by watching videos. Favorite streamer not on Refereum yet? Invite them!

Earn rewards







4,600 points
5,000 to unlock gold


  • Pay

    Control 100% of your budget

    Connect directly to influencers and content creators. No one else takes a cut—not ad managers, not us.

  • Connect

    Build your audience

    Increase downloads, streamers, and viewers for your game by rewarding the untapped network of up-and-coming influencers.

  • Exposure

    Reward them at scale

    Pay streamers programmatically and with no transactions fees, all securely recorded on the blockchain.

Boost your ROI

Crypto Enthusiast

  • RFR Token

    Earn RFR tokens

    RFR provides a secure, reliable, and auditable way for everyone in the gaming ecosystem to connect and be rewarded.

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