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XAYA is a blockchain platform for running thousands of serverless games that can support millions of players.

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Hilo is a Social Network for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and newcomers where you can research, follow along, and interact with friends and influencers.

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How it works

Sign up to a Growth Engine

Growth engines live on crypto project websites. Once you sign-in to a project you are automatically signed in on any project that catches your fancy.

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Pick and choose the quests you want to complete and track your progress each step towards your goal.

Collect your rewards

Don’t stop now. More rewards are always being added. There’s no limit to the number of quests you can complete.

Rewarding the world!

We're a company of gamers and crypto enthusiasts building innovative solutions that bring brands and their community closer together. Our dream is for a future where every interaction with a brand, product or company is joyful and rewarding. We want to make it easier to stumble upon brands, products, and experiences that excite and engage you.